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Moonriver Brand Assets & Guidelines

Thank you for your support and loving our work. Below, we have provided a few guidelines for using our brand assets.

Our Brand Name

"MoonScan" is one word and spelled with capital M for "Moonriver" and capital S for "Scan".

Branding Guidelines

You may use the Moonriver name and logo in your website or app as long as you adhere to the Moonriver branding guidelines.

  • Do not alter the Moonriver logo. The logo is to be used as provided.
  • Do not combine Moonriver logo with other images without consent.
  • Do not use the Moonriver brand in any way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement. For example, "we partner with Moonriver."
  • Do reference Moonriver as follows:
    • "Powered by Moonriver"
    • "Data provided by Moonriver"
    • "Source: Moonriver"
  • Do not use the Moonriver brand in conjunction with any illegal and unlawful activity, promotion, and product.


We like to keep things simple, so we have put together a package for the brand assets that you can download and use in your website or app.



By using our brand assets, you agree to adhere to our Branding Guidelines as well as our Terms and Conditions. For further information about use of the Moonriver name that is not covered by the Branding Guidelines, please Contact Us.