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Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x98878b06940ae243284ca214f92bb71a2b032b8a545,961.59548046 MOVR100,533
0xbd90a6125a84e5c512129d622a75cdde176ade5e0 MOVR47,044
0xc9e2af6d4efea2bddc2e836f79272b367fad171232.62 MOVR166
0x8e7cd893d8f371051a39aa65976bca22d7b02a60Alpha DEX: ROAR Token0 MOVR3,792
0x0d2faa2064129ecbfaccd45be33dea3bcd3f8863Amara Finance: MARA Token0 MOVR15,286
0xbecc61601c59d5afffe750d201ec98cdc70db796Athena Money: OSHARE Token0 MOVR1,150
0x5c2da48241d3be9626dd0c48081c76dbb6d1046eAthena Money: OWL Token0 MOVR807
Sum of 7 Accounts545,994.21548046 MOVR167,971

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