MOVR Price: $12.55 (-3.09%)
Gas: 3 GWei


Related labels Tokens (2)
$ROME aims to be a reserve currency of Kusama & Polkadot.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x3718bC43...31BC8f685 RomeDAO: Conscription0 MOVR28,289
0x5BCF9C0A...9F471f28e RomeDAO: Distributor0 MOVR5
0xE2F71c68...4c5CAc367 RomeDAO: FRAX Bond Depository0 MOVR26,709
0xC82d354C...2D3c5a895 RomeDAO: gOHM Bond Depository0 MOVR3,884
0x91a51847...a747f8089 RomeDAO: MIM Bond Depository0 MOVR7,620
0x697a2475...36DE2b9B1 RomeDAO: Redeem Helper0 MOVR3
0x59FceceC...bac9d771D RomeDAO: Rome Authority0 MOVR7

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