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Collators are full nodes on the Polkadot Network that are present both on parachains and the main Relay Chain. Their main purpose is to maintain parachains by collecting parachain transactions and producing state transition proofs for validators on the Relay Chain. Collators can access all state transition information necessary for authoring new blocks and executing transactions.

A total of 55 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x2a07b112a5b84081f9524e6e22315632d857a75eAbyss Finance559.92790081 MOVR2
0x6cbcaa2c560eb8c471acdaab859a25e663c0cbb9Allnodes624.03488626 MOVR2
0x58c9d506e2f02051219f7d80e68599cccb654072Allnodes 2663.11446313 MOVR0
0x19eaa6aae65e4b02539de493a735b81d1d848829Anamix572.26211692 MOVR1
0xd8b890aaaf926adc863f04c9223164afa5ea3388BerryStake Lab596.4929594 MOVR8
0xb15f8d5c222c5998451f34882e3da4ad5c2b3165Binance Staking 1120.10249696 MOVR3
0x015f0e320a1be51264dd9b9fa8271c18d49e54bbBLOCKDAEMON1,357.34768798 MOVR0
Sum of 7 Accounts3,135.93482348 MOVR16

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