MOVR Price: $10.96 (-19.48%)
Gas: 1 GWei


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PADSwap is a decentralized exchange. PADSwap is also multi-chain, currently on BSC, Moonriver and Moonbeam.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x35E1F3A0...6711cC644 PADSwap: BNB-BUSD Farm0 MOVR514
0x760d2Bdb...1b91C04c1 PADSwap: Factory0 MOVR1
0x54Cd3A30...C92E73aFB PADSwap: MOVR-USDC Farm0 MOVR542
0xac779340...fDE464411 PADSwap: PAD Farm0 MOVR2,065
0x86bE1D18...4C5cE86dB PADSwap: PAD-BUSD Farm0 MOVR939
0x8a5dC54F...4431Aa6bd PADSwap: PAD-MOVR Farm0 MOVR994
0xE6d0d9c4...6ccC4a98b PADSwap: PAD-USDC Farm0 MOVR772

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